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providing non-medical Senior care, respite care & end of life doula support

About Us


Courageous Goodbyes' VISION & mission

Support and encourage those we are privileged to serve, to courageously live days filled with life according to their interests, abilities and goals.

Be a trusted and supportive companion that brings light and joy into their day.  Ensure they never feel isolated or alone while we have the honor of being invited to serve them.

​Be the reliable and trusted resource for a family's loved one during the times when the practicalities of daily life, a well deserved vacation or their geographical location makes it impossible for them to be there.

​Be the trusted life line to primary caregivers during the times they feel overwhelmed. For them to feel respected and understood.  To be ready to step in and take over the non-medical care of the person they are caring for, so they can take some well deserved time for themselves.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Create a positive, sacred and peaceful environment for the dying and their loved ones. Support them as they face their fear of life's final transition and to embrace the bittersweet gifts of the journey. Encourage them to share precious moments and continue to make memories filled with joy and laughter until it's time for their courageous goodbyes.

Who is Beverley Shiels?


Beverley is the founder and CEO of Courageous Goodbyes® proudly serving the communitiy of St. Albert.  She is a Doula trained and certified by the International Doulagivers Institute in Senior Care and End of Life in their award winning Doulagivers® Program.  From Douglas College's Faculty of Health Sciences, she has an End of Life Doula Certificate of Course Completion.  Beverley is a member of the National End of Life Doula Alliance (NEDA).  She successfully completed the NEDA proficiency assessment and was awarded the NEDA Proficiency Badge, making her "NEDA Proficient".

In addition, Beverley is a certified hospice palliative care volunteer through the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association. Has a certificate of completion in Understanding Dementia from the University of Tasmania.  Has a certificate of completion in pastoral care.  A certificate in Pastoral Biblical Theology from Newman Theological College and is certified by the Mental Health Commission of Canada to provide Mental Health First Aid.  She is also a Level III Reiki practitioner. 


Over the years in my professional life and as a volunteer, I've used my coaching skills to be a supportive presence to individuals and families from all walks of life during difficult times. I've honored the trust they placed upon me when they openly shared their life stories, hopes, dreams, joys, fears and sorrows. They unburdened their souls as I listened attentively with a non-judgemental ear. The emotional, practical and spiritual support I am able to provide, sustains, uplifts and liberates them as we journey together through their storms and challenges. It's humbling to make a positive difference during difficult days. 

I've had the calling to be an End of Life Doula for a great number of years but couldn't put a name to it until I struck up a conversation with a complete stranger at a conference.  We had to pair up and share an unfulfilled dream.  After I described mine, she said it sounded like I wanted to be an "End of Life Doula."  My research confirmed, yes indeed, this was the professional title of my calling. "Doula" is a Greek word and means, a person who serves.  I was amazed to discover from my aunt that my great-grandmother served her community in the 1920s to 1950s during birth, death and everything in between! I guess you could say this calling's in my DNA!

In 2016, I made the decision to take the first action step to fulfill my dream.  It was so important to me to be able to convey and capture in the name of my company, the emotional and physical courage it takes to face life's heartbreaking milestones when having to say goodbye to one's youth, mobility, independence, health, life and loved ones.  And so Courageous Goodbyes® was born!

Since crossing paths with so many beautiful and forgotten souls in our senior community, encounters with adults living alone with life limiting conditions with a minimal support network, I was called to quickly extend our services to include meeting their non-medical needs. It pains my heart to see them suffer in silence, social isolation and in most cases depression too. My passion is to bring a little joy to illuminate their day through companionship, advocacy and service.

In addition, I have a strong calling to support the tired and overwhelmed primary caregivers of aging parents, adult children, sick relatives or friends. It's such a challenge for the families of today to balance the demands of home and career while meeting the needs of children and aging loved ones. No wonder they are called "The Sandwich Generation!" There is so little time, if any, left for themselves. So we are honored to be invited to be their trusted partner who meets them where they are emotionally and spiritually too. We become their life line, willing to step in and provide the non-medical respite care of their loved ones when the practicalities of daily life makes it impossible for them to be there or when they just need some well deserved time to themselves to rejuvenate, catch their breath and simply breathe.

As a result of the intimate journey we take with these families, the authentic bond we develop, the calling continues to expand as we strive to compassionately meet the evolving needs of the families and individuals we serve and nurture.